Lately I feel like I’ve given up on the whole giant bag situation. I used to be that person who lugged around a GIANT purse for no good reason. It takes up a ton of space, is usually heavy as can be and also becomes a big catch all for crap. Recently I’ve added a few new bags to my closet that I’m loving. I’ve found myself starting to only gravitate towards my small cross body ones while running out the door. They’ve even forced me to ditch the “makeup” bag, which really just houses my hand sanitizer, chapstick and tissues and a bunch of other crap I never use. Sometimes I even ditch the wallet entirely and swap it out for a cardholder. It’s been liberating to be honest and with fewer things inside, switching it up makes it a little easier. Plus, smaller bags are usually CHEAPER! Voila! More reason to shop now.

Today I’m rounding up my personal closet favorites that I’ve been rotating through from summer through fall. Shop more favorites below as well.

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